Custom domains

The custom domain feature helps you set up your domain. In this way, you can use your own domain instead of using neeto domain.

Custom domain setup:

  1. Validate your domain

    • After adding the custom domain, you will be asked to add a CNAME record for your domain. This step is necessary to provision an SSL certificate for your domain.

    • Add Domain validation CNAME record in your DNS settings. Please disable the proxy for this CNAME record. Otherwise, our service will fail to validate your domain.

    • After adding the CNAME record, click the Validate domain button.

  2. Add CNAME for redirection

    • After validating your domain, you will be asked to add another CNAME record, redirecting the custom domain to our server.

    • Once you've added the second CNAME record, please click on I've added the CNAME records to finalize the procedure.

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