Managing access to recordings

By default, all recordings published on neetoRecord are public, which means that anyone with the link can view them. However, there can be instances when you might want to restrict the recording to a specific target audience. For example, an organization might want to restrict its recording to be viewed by only the company's employees.

1. Secure with password

You can restrict access to your recording via a password. Only the people who have this password would be able to view the recording. Select the Secure with password option and enter the password of your choice in the password field. Save the changes, and your recording will now be password-protected.

2. Secure by allowing emails containing specific keywords

This feature is useful when restricting the recording's access to specific email addresses.

When this option is enabled, the recording visitors must either authorize using their Google account or enter an email to which a verification code will be sent. Only the verified emails matching the allowed keywords will be able to view the recording. You can add multiple keywords to the allowed list.

For example, if you want to restrict access to the recording for your company's employees, and you know each of your employees has an email with the domain, then you can add to the allowed keyword.

3. Private, logged in members only

This option will only allow active team members of your neetoRecord's organization to view the recording.

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