How to install NeetoRecord desktop app

You can find the download links to the NeetoRecord desktop app here.

Once you downloaded the app, follow below instructions to install the app.


  • Click and open the .dmg file, you will see below prompt.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 9.20.12 AM.png
  • Move NeetoRecord to Application folder.


  • Run the .exe file and follow the instructions.

  • Search your Start menu for NeetoRecord. Drag the NeetoRecord icon to your desktop for easy future access.


  • If you downloaded .AppImage , make sure you have installed

  • If you downloaded .deb run:

     sudo apt install ./NeetoRecord-<version><arch>.deb
  • If you downloaded .rpm run:

    sudo dnf install ./NeetoRecord-<version><arch>.rpm

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